Pike National Forest, Colorado

pike national forest, freedom journey, living unconventionally, britany felixOur second stop in Colorado was Pike National Forest just outside of Woodland Park. It was only about 20 minutes away from Colorado Springs and was an adorable mountain town.

As is our standard practice now, we began our trip by staying in a campground in the forest so we could have some time to explore the area for a boondocking site without having to the tow the RV along with us.

It took a long time (like 1.5 days) to find a spot that would actually work for us.

The roads in the forest are iffy at best and some are downright dangerous!

We almost learned that lesson the hard way when we wound our way down a side road that looked like it connected with a main road not too far from where we were.

At first, the road was pretty decent so we decided to go all the way through just for the fun of it.

Well, the fun quickly subsided once I was pressed up against the door of the truck staring down into a ravine as we went sideways down the road!

To make things worse, on Bryan’s side of the truck it was a sheer rock wall just a few inches away from the side mirror so there was nowhere to turn around.

We finally gave up and he had to reverse back down the road (as if going forward wasn’t scary enough!) until he found a tiny area where he was able to make about an 8-point turn and begin making our way back out.

Other than experience it was pretty calm and peaceful while we were up there. Well … except for the terrifying coyotes!

At around 3 am one morning, I woke up to the most chilling sound I have ever heard. Luckily, Bryan was there to inform me it was just a pack of coyotes not too far from the camper or I would have been even more freaked out. In my sleep-filled state, some of their yelps sounded exactly like a woman screaming. It’s not a sound I ever care to hear again.

We did manage to find an AMAZING campsite up on top of a hill with gorgeous mountain views and were completely alone every night except for one.


The view from our free campsite in Pike National Forest. (Pike's Peak is the tall mountain in the background.)
The view from our free campsite in Pike National Forest. (Pike’s Peak is the tall mountain in the background.)

Since I was still on crutches at the time, recovering from an ankle injury sustained in Colorado Springs, I mostly spent the quiet time working on editing upcoming episodes of the podcast. One member of the family wasn’t too happy about all the work I was doing though …


We did manage to take a few more drives to explore the city and surrounding areas of Eleven Mile State Park and Spinney State Park. We also managed to see plenty of wildlife, including this beauty!


All-in-all, we really enjoyed our time in Woodland Park and Pike National Forest. After spending over a week there, it was starting to feel like home and we were definitely sad to leave such an amazing (and FREE) campsite.

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