Episode 110: Exploring & Homeschooling – Part 2

Living Unconventionally Podcast Britany Felix
“It was kind of cool because we could grow our money using other peoples’ money.”

Today I am continuing my conversation with Avery Breyer and she’s going to explain how she and her husband have been able to afford traveling the globe with their two young boys for the past 2.5 years.

“I never like to trust that one thing is going to work out for sure.” – Avery Breyer

She talks about how they came to own a million dollars in real estate, the books she’s written that have made her a multiple best-selling author, how freelance SEO writing earns her about $60/hour, and the course she created to help others learn how to do freelance SEO writing.

“If you’re a decent writer, freelance seo writing is a great way to get started.” – Avery Breyer


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