104: Off the Beaten Trail – Part 1

Living Unconventionally Podcast Britany Felix
“In a weird way, I remember sitting on top of that pyramid and being like, ‘Wow. I am so small in comparison to this world. There’s no reason not to go after the things I love.”

We’re finally back with a new unconventionalist!

This week’s guest is Jake Heilbrunn and, after realizing his unhappiness with his life was causing physical ailments, he left college at 18 in order to explore Central America for four months.

“On the outside I was covering everything but I just felt so unfulfilled and I was so miserable.” – Jake Heilbrunn

In that time he helped teach English to kids, trekked 75 miles through the jungle to explore ancient Mayan ruins, climbed volcanoes, became comfortable with being naked around people he barely knew, camped on the beach in Nicaragua, and experienced a powerful Cacao Ceremony that provided a vision for his future that eventually became a reality.

“I remember feeling so at peace with myself. As if I had just answered all the questions that I had been seeking.” – Jake Heilbrunn

Jake has recently released a memoir of his travels, Off the Beaten Path, and you can find a link for it in the resources section of this page.

If you want to feel inspire, watch the official trailer for his book below.

“Once you decide and commit that you’re going to do something new, you open the space for this new opportunity to find something you love.” – Jake Heilbrunn



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To learn more about Jake, check out his website.

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