Episode 085: Misfit to Maven – Part 2

“Freedom can be amazing but it can also be really overwhelming.”

Today I am continuing my conversation with Ebonie Allard, Certified Personal Performance and Business Coach, about her entrepreneurial journey.

She started as a freelancer in the TV/film industry and, after a period of burnout, started her own Virtual Assistant business before most people even knew what a Virtual Assistant was. Eventually she realized that, even though she was her own boss, she wasn’t doing what she was meant to do.

“Externally that business was successful […] but I was miserable.” – Ebonie Allard

She now runs a successful business AND feels fulfilled. Today, we talk about the difference between coaches, counselors, and mentors, how to become certified as a coach, whether or not she feels a certification is required to be a coach, and what she does to ensure that she doesn’t experience burnout again in this business.

“… I need to take care of my physical, mental, spiritual health before I show up to be available to my clients.” – Ebonie Allard

We also talk about how she plans to grow her coaching business, recent changes she’s implemented in her business, why it’s important to grow your list and listen to your audience, and what she teaches to help “misfit entrepreneurs” get started on their own journey to freedom.

“Instead of being focused on what you don’t want, the first step is to start being clear about what it is that you do want.” – Ebonie Allard


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