Episode 084: Misfit to Maven – Part 1

“I sold everything I had left and went to Bali and just figured out who the hell I was.”

This week’s guest is Ebonie Allard and she is a Certified Personal Performance and Business Coach. What I love about Ebonie, besides her fun personality, is that her story of burnout and breakdown with previous jobs is one that so many people can relate to. However, her journey is also quite different at the same time.

“I did build a company that, on the outside, looked fantastic and inside I was miserable. I had built a business as I thought you should build a business.” – Ebonie Allard

Today, we talk about that journey and how her love of travel has really been at the heart of it all. In the past, she used travel as a way to escape the rigors and stress of working jobs that left her feeling burnt out and now, she uses it to help her focus on her new business and to remind herself what it’s all about.

“There’s something for me about showing myself why I do this. What the point of it all is for that gives me some clarity.” – Ebonie Allard

We touch base on a scary experience that could’ve have turned deadly in Egypt, her favorite places to visit, how she prepares when traveling to a new location, how to hone and trust your instincts when traveling (especially alone), and what role she thinks travel will play in her future.

“What I do know is that there is a wanderlust deep inside me and it is unlikely to dissipate overnight.” – Ebonie Allard


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