Episode 082: Maptrotting with Charlie – Part 2

“If you stop everything, then you’re actually going to start resenting trying to save money for travel.”

Today I am continuing my conversation with Charlie from Maptrotting and we talk about when they made the decision to dramatically change their lives while on vacation in Cuba and just how they have been able to what so many others haven’t by sticking to the plan and now traveling full-time.

“It was really just a case of committing to it.”

He provides some tips on saving money; including one that was so easy for them, they didn’t even feel like they were sacrificing anything but provided enough money to buy their plane tickets to Thailand AND their first few weeks accommodation!

We also talk about how they built their travel blog and online business while traveling, the one thing he would do differently if he could start over with their website, their amazing travel e-book, and what they hope to accomplish with their blog.

“All I remember is getting on the place with sense of like, kind of, being underprepared in a way so we want to try and help other people with that.”

Charlie also provides lots of excellent resources for people wanting to start an online business of their own. They are all listed below but you’ll want to hear what Charlie has to say about them.

“Over the past few months we’ve to come slowly realize that if you really want a business, you’ve got to build something that gives value to people.”


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 Mentioned in this Episode:

→ Gensis Framework for WordPress


Top 100 Travel Blogs by Nomadic Samuel


Smart Passive Income by Pat Flynn

→ Charlie and Kristina’s Ultimate Travel Planning Guide E-Book

Homemade Wellbeing

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