Episode 064: Global Nomad Mom – Part 3

“You get off the beaten path. You get out of the guidebook, and you just let someone take you to some place that they know and you wind up having this amazing meal, or amazing experience.”

With Monday of this week being Independence Day here in the United States, I decided not to release an episode since the majority of my listeners were probably spending the day with their family or friends. With the format of the show being what it is, I couldn’t really get started with a new guest so I decide to reach out to my guest from last week.

Mary Grace Otis, host of The Global Mom Show podcast, graciously agreed to come back on the show to share some travel stories since we ran out of time to really talk about them when she was originally on.

Some stories include getting chased by a wild elephant, getting a ton of free experiences during her honeymoon, whether or not the Taj Mahal lives up to the hype, how powerful it was to visit the Berlin Wall and a concentration camp in Germany, and nearly being asphyxiated on her way to a temple.

“We ended up putting our shirts over our head and we were wrapping bandanna’s around our head because we could hardly breath.” – Mary Grace Otis

Mary Grace and I also talked about just how citizens of the United States can really learn from the customs, and tragedies, of other countries.

“… to raise a next generation of globally-minded kids, we have to have moms that are engaged in the world.” – Mary Grace Otis


Once you listen to the episode, this video will make more sense. 🙂

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