Episode 061: Global Nomad Mom – Part 1

“Because we both have that background of traveling and living abroad, and moving around a lot, it’s not that weird to us. In fact, staying in one place seems confining.”

This week’s guest is Mary Grace Otis, host of The Global Mom Show podcast, and we cover quite a few new topics in the first part of her interview.

Mary Grace studied abroad and after feeling restless back home in the states she made a series of choices that led to her living in India, off and on, for three years.

“… I could’ve gone and taken kind of the traditional, the more secure, route and, instead, I just went to India for two months not knowing any idea of what I was going to be doing afterwards and it turned out to be one of the most life-changing experiences that I’ve had.” – Mary Grace Otis

She talks about her experience applying for, and receiving, a writing fellowship and how fellowships and grants can be a great way to try out the global nomad lifestyle.

She also talks about her experience working at a local non-profit organization in India and how it led to her getting a Master’s in Intercultural Service, how charity can sometimes do more harm than good, and what “poverty tourism” is.

“One thing I really learned from being India is that I didn’t want only to write. I really wanted to write for a cause.” – Mary Grace Otis

Mary Grace also discuss why she feels it’s important to help her three young children develop a global world view to help them prepare for future international travel as a family.

“… I’m still a global nomad. I still love to travel. I still love the world. I still want to be connected to that. This is a season that we’re in.” – Mary Grace Otis


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