Episode 047: Will Travel for Vegan Food – Part 2

This week’s guest, Kristin Lajeunesse from the popular project Will Travel for Vegan Food, is back for part 2 of her interview. In today’s episode we talk about how she funded her two-year mission to visit every vegan restaurant in the United States while living out of a van.

“I recognize now that it’s more important to have a little bit of a safety net rather than just jumping without one.” – Kristin Lajeunesse

We also talk about how she plans to monetize in the future while continuing to live a nomadic lifestyle and her experience working with a publisher for her memoir (linked below).

“… I know that having a book kind of land in your lap like that from a publisher is incredibly rare so I’m very honored for that but, I mean, I haven’t seen a penny from it.” – Kristin Lajeunesse

The topic we spend the majority of the time discussing though is how she grew her social media following to over 100,000+ people. She gives her tips and talks about the one thing she refuses to do that she considers to be one of the worst pieces of advice people receive regarding Facebook.

“Someone told me once, ‘It’s better to not have an account on a platform rather than have one that’s not active at all.’” – Kristin Lajeunesse

She also offers her advice for those looking to make the leap into the world of being a digital nomad.

“…having that full-time job, or something that’s more steady, it can really serve as a crutch and I hate saying that but it’s true for so many people I talk to.” – Kristin Lajeunesse


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