Episode 046: Will Travel for Vegan Food – Part 1

“I mean it sounds like rainbows and kittens and it sounds wonderful but it’s so hard.”

This week’s guest is Kristin Lajeunesse from the popular project, Will Travel for Vegan Food. Kristin’s journey started out like most; she was working in a cubicle and just felt as if something was missing or just not quite right.

“I started reading their material and I obsessively wanted to know more about this community of people; some of whom traveled full-time and worked from the road or lived off of passive income streams.” – Kristin Lajeunesse

That obsession led to going from the cubicle to just one year later moving into a van and spending the next two years on a mission to visit every single vegan restaurant in the United States. While on this mission, she did find occasional moments to take a step back from the food.

“So, I would at least try to find a notable landmark or, in states like the Dakotas or Wyoming, there are really great national monuments and parks and things so I would take a few days and maybe hike a trail or drive through Yellowstone or something like that.” – Kristin Lajeunesse

She also found time to meet up with some members of her very large social media following for some meals and ended up learning some very valuable lessons as a result.

“It was really sweet and my big takeaway from the people that I met is that most people truly are good people.” – Kristin Lajeunesse

One of my favorite moments in the interview is when Kristin opens up about giving herself permission to quit certain aspects of the project that were making her very unhappy.

“And, it’s interesting to look back on the road trip itself because I put so much pressure on myself during the road trip to write as much as I could that I think I actually took a little bit away from the experience.” – Kristin Lajeunesse

We also discuss whether or not she continues to live a nomadic lifestyle almost three years later, her word of caution to those thinking they might want to live a nomadic lifestyle of their own, and her advice for those who know the lifestyle is for them but just don’t know where to start.

“No matter what point you’re at, if you truly want to make this happen, you have to start before you feel ready.” – Kristin Lajeunesse


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