Episode 041: RV Living with the Russo’s – Part 2

“I think it starts to get around and you will build a reputation, positive or negative.”

In today’s episode, I continue my conversation with Joe and Kait Russo, from We’re the Russos, about the various ways they are beginning to earn an income online in an effort to help fund their full-time RV travel lifestyle.

“It started on a whim. Friends of ours gave us a selfie stick and said, ‘Here. I’m giving this to you so now you have to start a vlog,’ and we did.” – Joe

Topics discussed include the role that product reviews play in their monetization strategy, utilizing Amazon affiliate links, starting a vlog on their own YouTube channel, their upcoming e-book, how they learned more in the first few months after starting their business than they did the entire one and half years they spent planning and researching it, and the one thing they’ve done that he recommends all new blogger do before they even get started.

“I think in the beginning we were all over the place with our website and that and now that we’re on the road, and we have a passion about something, we’ve found a voice and people are really responding to that.” – Joe

They also discuss what is even more important to them than making money when it comes to their business.

“If, at the end of this, we could’ve convinced one or two people to make a change in their life and try doing either what we’re doing, or what they really want to get out there and do, that would make the whole thing worth it for us.” – Joe


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