Episode 034: A Journalist’s Travels – Part 1

“I don’t take trips. A trip takes me.”

This week’s guest is Dell Hambleton from DharmaPharm and she talks about how being a journalist at her very core helps her connect with people in a way other traveler’s often times are unable to.

“I don’t go in search of a specific person to interview, to do a story about. I travel and I let stories happen to me.”

She also discussed the documentary she is making about her heritage with the Cherokee and Choctaw Nations which will include a trip across a reverse water route of the Trail of Tears, her advice for female solo travelers, the time she was stuck on the ocean in a typhoon while seven months pregnant, and why she isn’t a good employee.

“You know, we’re always taught that we’re supposed to figure out how to be a good employee and I’m a much better entrepreneur, and a much better solopreneur, than I ever been an employee and that’s just okay. That’s just who I am.”


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You can find more information about Dell at DharmaPharm.com.

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