Day 2: Natalie Sisson’s 10-Day Blog Challenge

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Today’s Challenge: Write down a reason for wanting to live a lifestyle with more freedom.

If you’ve been listening to the Living Unconventionally podcast for any length of time, you know that Freedom is what it’s all about for me. I’ve even titled our road trip our “Freedom Journey.”

Freedom to me, is having the ability to make choices based off what you actually want as opposed to what your work or life will allow.

Those choices for me are being able to travel where and when I want to, attend retreats, conference, or events, visit friends and family often, enjoying my hobbies, rescuing dogs from around the world, and spending time with my husband without having to worry about taking time off work or if there is enough money in my account.

Freedom means never having to say no to an opportunity I want to seize because of work or financial restrictions.

Freedom is the power of choice.

This desire for freedom is why I started the Living Unconventionally podcast in the first place and is something I believe I will continue to crave for the rest of my life.

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