195: Africa’s Calling Out To Me

Jörg Kleis wants everyone to rethink the stereotypical narrative of Africa. His mission is to create brain circulation by creating opportunities for skilled people across nations and he co-founded AfricaWorks to help African graduates from German universities to find jobs in Africa, as well as within Germany.

He has experienced many perspective shifts in his work and travel to Africa over the last 10 years. In this week’s episode, Jörg shares his early origins as a Law student and how he transitioned into a backpacking, baby-holding, trespassing, lone wanderer with a passion for changing how Africa and Africans are seen by the world.

In this episode:
  • Jörg shares how he came to choose Africa as the place to focus his business
  • When he fell in love with Africa and why he travels alone meeting new people
  • Jörg explains different nuances of the African countries he’s visited
  • The hang-ups Jörg had to overcome to fully appreciate Africa
  • Jörg’s book and the observations and perspectives it covers
  • Jörg’s recommendation for Americans who want to get to know Africa
  • What travelers should bring with them and the attitude they should have to enjoy Africa
  • Jörg’s tips on etiquette based on his trial and error through the African countries
  • He shares how often he has travelled to Africa
  • He talks about the one change he noticed about himself while doing his work and travel in Africa
  • The challenges he went through leaving his law life behind
  • The one experience he hopes everyone will have in Africa


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