226: Eric Molinsky, Wizard of Time

Eric Molinsky creates pieces of time and let’s you escape into imaginary worlds. I talk with Eric about his journey from agonizing animator to becoming the host of the wonderful sci-fi & phantasy podcast Imaginary Worlds. Find more content from Eric at imaginaryworldspodcast.org

Eric Molinsky, Wizard of Time

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I had a great time talking to Eric. At times you can even hear that I am a tiny bit intimated by his talent. If you dream about making a change in your life, start a new career or maybe move to a foreign country: Eric Molinsky’s story will give you lots of inspiration. His journey from a tiny cubicle in L.A. to becoming the host of one of the best sci-fi & phantasy podcasts is fun to listen to – and provides you with great ideas for your own life – if you can listen between the lines. 🙂

I am business coach in my dayjob. Over the years I have helped over 100 international professionals to find a job in a foreign country. Their stories are often as inspiring as Eric Molinsky’s story – and at times include a fair amount of dream (before they find their way and all ends well.) I am often surprised how regulary real life imitates art. You can find “The Heroes Journey” not only in podcasts and stories, but also in the real life experiences of those who dare to start a new life in a foreign country.

This episode includes a short promo for my coaching services.

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