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This is where you can find all the posts and information about our travels; including our 2.5-month road trip around the Western half of the United States in our 25-foot travel trailer.


Just to give you a little background info …


My husband and I got fed up with the rat race and just knew there had to be more to life that slaving away for else and remaining stuck in the consumerism cycle.

So, we sold almost everything we owned (including our 2,000sf home), bought a travel trailer (aka RV), quit the highest paying jobs we had ever had, loaded up our pups, and hit the open road.

We officially left our home state of Indiana on July 20th, 2016 and stayed on the road as long as my husband could stand it.

The thing about travel is that it teaches you about yourself like almost nothing else can. My husband learned he is just not comfortable with a fully nomadic lifestyle so we struck a compromise.

We decided to “settle back down” in a city we had visited a couple of times over the past few years and just could seem to get out of our head; Colorado Springs, Colorado. This is now our home base (that we absolutely love) and we’re working on being able to take trips more often, for longer periods of time, and to international destinations.


Not only do I talk about our travels on the solo episodes of the Living Unconventionally podcast (which come out every Friday) but I also do a blog post on each location.

If you’re interested in a particular location that is highlighted on the map, just hover over (on a desktop) or click (on a mobile device) the Our Travels button in the main menu above or use the handy map below to see where all we’ve been so far.

Each location’s page will feature pictures taken by yours truly (unless stated otherwise), a write-up about what we did during our time there, and a link to the corresponding podcast episode.