Episode 091: Paris and Profitability – Part 2

Living Unconventionally Podcast Britany Felix
“No one just one day woke up and said, ‘I’m going to be an internet millionaire,’ and it worked.”

Today I am continuing my conversation with Eric Rosenberg from Personal Profitability … and a few other ventures as you’ll learn in this episode.

You’ll find out how he has transitioned from a traditional career in Finance to now working for himself and creating a location independent lifestyle for his family.

“If I don’t just go for it, I’ll always wonder what if.” – Eric Rosenberg

We talk about his multiple income streams, the hardest part about being a solo creator, what his goal is for his own podcast, and why he tends to want to try everything at one time.

“It’s part of my trend of never doing small steps. I always rip the Band-aid off all at once.” – Eric Rosenberg

He talks about the quickest way to failure and what he believes is the key to online success. Along with this, he also explains what he feels in the one thing anyone wanting to earn money online must do.

“… start building a brand around yourself; with content that you own and control.” – Eric Rosenberg

He provides some amazing resources for you today which are linked below but make sure you listen to episode to find just why those are resources he recommends.

“Learn and read as much as you can but don’t do that at the expense of taking action …”  Eric Rosenberg


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 Mentioned in this Episode:

→ Yakezie


→ Blue Yeti Microphone

→ Podcast Movement

Smart Passive Income – Pat Flynn

→ ProBlogger – Darren Rowse

→ World Domination Summit

→ One Day Business Websites

→ Screw the Nine to Five Website & Facebook Group


→ Brad Hussey on Udemy

→ Gary Vaynerchuk

→ Chris Ducker

→ The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau

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