Episode 058: Raw Food to Hip Hop – Part 1

“I had a thought when I was trying to get across that and not doing so well. I was like, ‘Alright. I’m dead. This is it.’”

This week’s guest is Hip Hop artist, Jonny Freesh. Jonny is a self-proclaimed poster child for the Living Unconventionally lifestyle and , being that he moved to Singapore at the age of seven and then proceeded to also grow up in Belgium and England, I have to agree.

“It would actually be unconventional for me probably to go and settle down in one place and do like a nine to five sort of thing.” – Jonny Freesh

Jonny talks about a variety of things in today’s episode including how traveling as a child has influenced him as an adult, his all-time favorite place to scuba dive, and why the one question he learns how to say no matter what country he travels to involves roosters.

“That was the biggest benefit of traveling was that I got to meet all these people doing these different cool things and not settling for the corporate nine to five.” – Jonny Freesh

Jonny also talks about a near death experience while trekking in Nepal.

“And at one point during this like 2 feet little path, there was a gap that was about a meter long. And, like, it was literally you fall down there you’re done. No chance of survival.” – Jonny Freesh

He also goes into his experience getting not one but two working holiday visa’s for Australia, which has a bit of an unusual requirement for the second year, so he can continue to hone his craft and live his passions.

“My passion for music overtook my passion for raw food.” – Jonny Freesh



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