Episode 053: Mixing Business w/ Travel – Part 2

“The first business you start, unless you’re Mark Zuckerberg, is probably not going to be one that’s gonna bring you the majority of your income.”

In part 2 of my interview with Tom Hunt, we go into details about some of his failed business ventures and how they have been crucial to helping other business ventures become successful.

“The point here is that you’re going to fail a lot but, are they really failures if you learn and succeed in the future?”

He also talks about why he’s more focused on automation with his latest business and is working to set-up things up in a way that will require very little action on his part.

“An Entrepreneur is someone who works on the system, not in the system.”

Other topics include why he thinks guest blogging is so critical for building an online business, how he thinks podcasts factor into the entrepreneurial journey, the time he got his butt handed to him on the Canadian version of Shark Tank (see the video below), and the way he looks at business that often gives him a type of profit most entrepreneurs don’t even consider.

“A founder doesn’t want to buy a job. They want to buy a system.”



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