Episode 040: RV Living w/ the Russo’s – Part 1

“There’s nothing better than doing a wine or a beer tasting and being able to walk back to your house.”

This week’s guest is Joe and Kait Russo from We’re the Russos and they’ve made the transition from working full-time corporate jobs to traveling around the United States full-time in their RV.

” … I think a big thing for us on this trip was, not only to step away from the corporate lifestyle, but also be able to spend more time each other because I was spending more time with my co-workers than I was spending with my wife.” – Joe

We talk about a variety of topics including how they find their campsites, how they handle the internet issues while running their business from the road, the app that helps them stay on top of the weather conditions, how their dog is adjusting to this new way of life, and how some of his father’s last words have led to Joe taking this journey.

“And, a few days before he passed away I was at his bedside and asked him if there was any last things he wanted to tell me and his only thing was, ‘Take risks; have a lot of children,’ and we haven’t had a lot of children but I took that ‘take risks’ thing to heart.” – Joe

We also talk about their regrets, moments of doubts, and the moments that led them both to believe everything up to this point in their journey has all been worth it thanks to the lifestyle of freedom they are now able to live.

“This has been such a wonderful adventure. I would not give it up for anything and just wish I had done it earlier.” – Joe

Check out this intro video from their YouTube channel and then scroll down for their interview just below the video …


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You can learn more about Joe and Kait Russo by checking out their website and YouTube channel.

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