Episode 026: Freedom Seekers – Part 2

“That’s just fear telling you, ‘Hey, stay over here in this cute little comfortable corner of your world.’”

In this episode, Kathleen and I continue the conversation from Monday by diving deeper into how she was able to build a location independent business by becoming a business and life coach.

“People are buying into people before they’re buying into products.”

She talks about the book that pushed her over the edge with her 9-5, the resources she used when she first started, the investment she wishes she would’ve made in herself and her business in the beginning, how to deal with the Impostor Syndrome many aspiring entrepreneurs (myself included) face at times, her tips for building an active Facebook group for your business, and why jealousy can sometimes be a good thing.

“You know, a lot of people think that jealousy or envy is a really bad thing and I think it’s a compass showing us what it is that we want.”

She also gives us a taste of what she would say to someone asking her coaching advice on how to get started chasing their dream life.

“This isn’t a practice life. You only get one and tomorrow isn’t promised so you might as well do this right now.”


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 Mentioned in this Episode:

→ Kathleen’s Freedom Seekers Facebook Group

→ The Ultimate Guide to Creating Coaching Packages

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→ The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss*

→ Marie Forleo’s B-School

→ Health Coach Institute

→ Kathleen’s Own It Mastermind


To learn more about Kathleen visit her website. If you’re interested in working with Kathleen, click here.


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