Episode 002: Nomadic Brits – Part 2

“What would you rather be doing on a Monday after the weekend? Taking a drive into the office or stepping out your door, sitting on the balcony, and working in the sun?” – Lee

In Part 2 of my interview with Lee and Tina from Look At Our World, we discuss how they use self-taught skills to earn sponsored stays, free meals, and actual money when they travel. They also talk about an organization that helps others do this well.

“We’re not out to make millions. We’re out to help our journey while we travel.” – Tina

They also discuss how critical, and difficult, it is to stick to a budget when traveling and why you can’t treat the journey like a vacation.

They also touch on the issues with a “traditional lifestyle”, how difficult it is to change your mindset, and why they won’t conform in the future.

“If we come back and we end up having to cut this short, I would work for myself as opposed to conforming back into those routines.” – Lee


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Help Exchange (helpx)


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