Day 7: Natalie Sisson’s 10-Day Blog Challenge

If you don’t know what this challenge is about, or why I’m writing these posts … click here to check out the first post!

Today’s Challenge: In an effort to help overcome overwhelm and procrastination, choose one small action that you could take every day for the next 30 days. Write about why you chose that action and what the result would be if you did it for the next 30 days.

It’s been on my mind to write a small e-book about how we started our Freedom Journey and the basic steps that could help others getting started on their own.

I’ve definitely been procrastinating and I think that project would be perfect this. If I just spent between 10-30 minutes on it every day, for the next 30 days, I could honestly probably have it launched by the end of that time frame.

So, I’m going to.

I will launch my e-book on Monday, 10/19. Sunday, 10/18 would technically be day 30 but Mondays are a better day to launch something than Sundays.

For today, I will come up with an outline for not only the book, but also an email campaign and social media campaigns. Tomorrow, I will get started writing and take a small section at a time.

What is a small action you could take for the next 30 days that would help you accomplish something you have been putting off? Come join us in the Living Unconventionally Facebook Group and let us know!

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