Day 4: Natalie Sisson’s 10-Day Blog Challenge

If you don’t know what this challenge is about, or why I’m writing these posts … click here to check out the first post!

Today’s Challenge: Write down 2-3 superpowers (skills/talents) that I possess, why I feel these are my superpowers, and how they will help with a freedom lifestyle.

Planning/Coordinating (Especially when it comes to travel)

Whether it’s international travel for my husband and I or a weekend getaway with my girlfriends, I am always the one that plans the trips.

I’ve also single-handedly planned our entire Freedom Journey for the last seven weeks.

When it comes to travel, my obsessive gene kicks in and I can’t stop thinking about it or researching it. I take care of the hotel, the flights, the driving route, transportation while we’re there, get tickets for events we’ll be attending, research the culture and place we’ll be visiting, check the weather 15 times a day … you name it.

I handle every detail and I absolutely love doing it. Several times I’ve thought about turning this talent/skill/passion into a business but I’ve come to realize over the years that I get so fired up about it because I love to travel. I don’t think I would get nearly as fired up if I weren’t the one actually doing the traveling.

However, recently, I’ve figured out a perfect way to incorporate this into a freedom business and lifestyle. I’m going to host retreats around the world.

This is a long-term goal, of course, but will be the best of both worlds!! I’ll get to plan and travel while making money!

Being Stubborn

Being stubborn can sometimes be a bad thing but, after 30 years, I’ve just come to accept this part of my personality. The good news? When it comes to building a freedom business and lifestyle, being stubborn can be a great thing!

It means I don’t give up easily on the things that truly matter to me. Freedom, travel, spending more time with my loved ones … these are things I won’t quit pursuing.

This innate stubbornness will help me have the drive to overcome any roadblocks that are bound to come up along the way; including the many ones that already have. If you’ve listened to my podcast from the beginning, you already know all about them.

Figuring S**t Out (Especially Tech Stuff)

I apparently have a knack for just figuring shit out.

I did this website myself (and a couple of others). I became so good at editing podcasts before I even launched my own that people started paying me to edit theirs. Between my husband and I, I’m the one that handles the computer issues, setting up the electronics, and digitally organizing our lives.

When I set my mind on doing something, I just figure out a way to do it … and I basically don’t stop until I do. Remember that stubbornness I was talking about before?

This skill has already come in handy for starting my podcast, launched a Facebook Community for the podcast, building this website (and soon-to-be rebuilding this website), and in the future eventually launching online courses to help others find the path to their own Freedom Journeys.

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