193: Andrea Dreams of Italy: A Coaching Session

Listen to Andrea Dreams of Italy: A Coaching Session

This week we’re doing something a little bit different. Instead of hearing from someone already living an unconventional lifestyle, I invited Andrea Elibero, a member of the Living Unconventionally Community, to share her dreams of a location-independent lifestyle with us. This episode is for all the women who want to take the first step towards a location-independent lifestyle.

Andrea currently does clinical trials research and lives in Miami, Florida. She dreams of being a location-independent coach who’s able to spend unlimited time in the beautiful small towns of Italy. In this episode, I coach Andrea and as we explore her background, aspirations, and beliefs we uncover a path towards making her dreams a reality.

In this episode:
  • Andrea shares her dream life five years in the future
  • We learn about the special and warm meaning Italy holds for Andrea
  • We swap stories and experiences about our grandmothers and how they impacted us
  • Andrea shares the things currently holding her back from her dream
  • We explore what Andrea’s dream work would look like and where her heart points
  • The quality and attitude that’s highly indicative of success while location independent
  • Andrea talks about her work dream five years in the future
  • The two past jobs Andrea gained the most joy and satisfaction from
  • How to define and test a market for your dream services
  • I share my advice on how to approach packaging your dream services

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