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My name is Britany and I turned 30 in April 2016. Strangely, I was semi-comfortable with it.

What I wasn’t comfortable with as I approached the typically panic-inducing birthday was the fact that I hadn’t accomplished the life of freedom I just knew I would have by that point.

I’d been working in a corporate setting since before I was out of college and had bounced from town to town and job to job because I got so sick of the routine.

You know the one … wake up at the same time every morning, put on the same boring work clothes, drive the same traffic-filled roads, park in the same spot, go to the same desk, have the same boring conversations with the same people, respond to the same emails, fill out the same paperwork, deal with the same frustrating clients, count down the same amount of hours until you get to fight the same rush hour traffic, only to go home and sit on the same couch and watch the same tv shows or check the same websites. Ugh!

I hate living my life on repeat!

I have ever since I was in grade school. I couldn’t wait to go to college and have a more flexible schedule with at least a little bit more freedom. It didn’t disappoint! I met the most incredible people, including my amazing husband, and had so many wonderful adventures that I will always cherish.

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But, then life took over after I graduated and with each passing year … maybe even month … I had become less happy. Less outgoing. Less creative. Less adventurous. Less excited about life. Less excited about me.

In November 2015, my husband, Bryan, and I decided we had enough!

We were done living the same day over and over again. Within six months of making that decision, we had sold almost everything we owned (including our 2,000sf home and my vehicle), quit our dreaded 9-5’s (even though we were making the most money either one of us had ever made), bought a travel trailer, and spent over two months exploring and having adventures throughout the Western half of the United States.

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I want to be a wanderer. I want to live everywhere and nowhere. I want the whole world to my home. I want to leave pieces of my heart and love all across this planet. I want to make a real difference and help people in a real way.

The Living Unconventionally podcast is my way of doing that. It not only covers our personal Freedom Journey but I also feature weekly interviews with like-minded people. Incredible people who’ve ditched their desk, or traditional life, to chase their passions and explore the world.

If any of this appeals to you at all, be sure to join the Living Unconventionally Facebook Community. You’ll be the first to know when new episodes are released and you’ll also get to connect with an amazing community of incredible people that have figured out this thing called life.

I can’t wait for you to join us!